Life After Football is een mediaplatform waar liefde voor voetbal en lifestyle samenkomen. Openhartige interviews, fashion-shoots, inspirerende iconen, de laatste trends zorgen voor een exclusief kijkje in de Europese voetbalwereld. Het kijkt voor de verandering eens verder dan naar voetbal alleen. Natuurlijk is verzorging daar ook een onderdeel van.
Ook al leven we in de 21ste eeuw mannen en verzorging blijft nog altijd een taboe. Life After Football brengt hier een verandering in, want zoals we allemaal wel weten geven de meeste voetballers erg veel om hun uiterlijk.  Het team van Life After Football heeft ons benaderd om een leuk review te schrijven zodat de lezers van het magazine een beeld hebben over de werking van de S1.

We staan in de top tips voor de juiste gezichtsverzorging voor mannen. Dus voor de heren onder ons: Supreme Skin S1 is ook voor jullie beschikbaar!

Lees hieronder de review van Life After Football in het Engels.


For many men, having some kind of ’beauty regime’ remains something of a taboo. Afraid of what their pint-swigging peers may think, what happens between a man and his mirror before leaving home usually stays there

Yet it is rare that a man doesn’t like looking his best, whether it is that moisturising balm from a Christmas stocking last year that gets applied to your skin or the latest product in men’s shaving technology. Some pampering with the right product can go a long way to you looking great and more importantly feeling it, and it doesn’t have to be the vigorous regime you may imagine. Just an extra minute or two of preparation every day could have you looking younger for a long time to come.

Here are some of LAF’s top tips for the well-groomed men among us, whether or not this information gets spoken about in public is out of our control…

Starskin: Foot Mask

Its full name – Starskin Exfoliating Double-Layer Foot Mask Socks – sounds just as impressive as the results it gets. It goes as follows: you’re going to wear the socks (foot masks) for 1.5 hrs and then simply rinse any possible remnants off. The Starskin foot mask immediately softens any rough patches and moisturises dehydrated skin. After that, within 5-10 days, you’ll notice all dead skin will start to peel off. Be aware: this looks kind of horrible, so make sure you’re all set and done before your actual holidays/event/whatever purpose you plan to use it for. In the end, your feet will feel supple, rejuvenated and softer than ever.

Supreme Skincare: Supreme Skin S1

Fortunately, skincare is the least of taboos amongst male beauty rituals. The average man at least uses a facial cream (of sorts). What people still tend to forget, though, is that living in cosmopolitan cities pollutes not only the air, but also our human skin. Hence facial cleansing is equally important. Simply using micellar water for cleaner skin is just step one. Supreme Skincare introduces the Supreme Skin S1: a great piece of innovation that probably resembles a very glamorous scraper more than anything else you’d imagine. The machine uses ultrasonic sound waves: high frequency pulsations (25,000 per minute) which kill all bacteria living beneath the top layer of your skin. Supreme Skin S1’s electronic muscle massage makes sure you encounter improved and increased cel renewing. The result: softer and flawless skin. Amixur Candle Oil Treatment

The newest hype has reached even the land of beauty and skincare. These days, we no longer buy products, we no longer buy brands; we buy experiences. John Beerens did well regarding his latest asset: the Amixur Candle Oil Treatment. It sounds absolutely bonkers – he invented a candle which, when you light it, creates the purest of argan or coconut oil. Run a bath, light the candle, wash your hair and relax. Blow out the candle after a few minutes and the oil left on it, is ready for immediate use on your hair. Carefully apply a couple of drops to your hair, spread well and leave in for about 20 minutes. Use a damp towel or cloth to wrap your hair in to improve results. Your hair will shine like never